Popelganda - a C64 fake discmag

Popelganda is the main product of Payday. Only the 5th issue was released under the Payday-label, the previous issues were released under different group-labels. But due to the fact that all issues were done by Fabu/Payday and Testicle/Payday, we see all Popelganda-issues as a Payday-productions.

Popelganda is a fake-mag and was originally a parody to the famous mag Propaganda from Genesis*Project. For the first issues we also used a fake-groupname, a parody to the publishers of Propaganda aswell. For the later issues of Popelganda we kept the name of the discmag, but used our 'real' groupname.

As you probably have noticed, the release-date between each issue was not very constant. Due to the fact that Popelganda is a fake-mag, the content of this mag actually is almost never out of date, so it still might be a pleasure to read this mag.


Available issues

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